Building Science Experts' Session - December 5-6, 2012

Seminar Description

Building Science Experts' Session is a two-day seminar that focuses on advanced building science topics. This session is intended to provide thought provoking professional development for experienced building industry professionals who are interested in healthy, durable and energy efficient new and old buildings.

Day One: "Rain Control" by Dr. John Straube

Keeping rain out of buildings has been the preoccupation of architects, engineers, builders, contractors and owners for hundreds of years. You would think we would have it figured out by now? Well, actually, we pretty much do. We just don't teach it or use it. Rain control explained as only John Straube can explain it. From the perspective of an individual rain drop itself to a hundred story curtainwall and everything else in between. Does rain really fall horizontally? How big a raindrop, what is its shape and how fast does it fall? Why pressure equalized rain screens are so misunderstood, and usually useless? Do you really think that stucco keeps water out of buildings? The phobia of hydrophobic coatings and the practical issues of lapping peel and sticks and a bunch of time on installing windows so that they leak, but leak to the outside. More, much more - and the informal session at Lstiburek's house in the evening where you get to ask Straube what he really thinks while you drink Lstiburek's beer. It doesn't get better than this.

Day Two: "Low Energy Houses" by Dr. Joseph Lstiburek

Joseph Lstiburek has seen it all - been there, done it badly before everyone else, figured it out, got the tee-shirt and now sits back sometimes sad, but mostly bemused at much of the craziness surrounding low energy houses. He did it all - earth tubes, insulated shutters, thermal mass, trombe walls, super insulation and triple glazed windows. Yes, dumb, well most of it was dumb. Get ready for a history of low energy houses - not the politically correct version - but the version from one who actually lived it. Why double walls are a dumb idea? Why Passive House is lunacy - or maybe not? Did you know that R-2000 really started in Denver? How do you build a low energy house in the North? How do you build a low energy house in the South? What are the winning technologies? What are the loosing technologies? Do you really think mini-splits are the answer? Have you any idea of the problems you get from using instantaneous gas water heaters? Did we mention the informal session at Lstiburek's house in the evening where Lstiburek complains about Straube drinking his beer while explaining rain?

Dates and Locations

December 5-6   Westford, MA


The registration fee for this seminar is $795USD.
The fee includes lunch but does not include travel or accommodations.


Day 2
Schedule Session
8:00 am - 3:30 pm "Low Energy Houses"

Continuing Education

Continuing education credits for this course are pending.